January 16, 2014

Printers, Ink and Paper for Printing Wall Art and Greeting Cards

An informal study of forums on Etsy leads me to believe that Epson printers are the best printers for printing everything from fine wall art to invitations and greeting cards. For me, I wanted to know what the print quality of different Epson printers was and what different types of paper looked and felt like.

Most office stores do not carry the high quality Epson printers. So I went to the Epson website to do some research on printers, ink and paper. Epson provides the entire printing ecosystem from printers to paper. The nice thing about this is that Epson has already tested different combinations of printers, ink and paper to figure out which combinations work the best. This makes me happy since that is a lot of work in and of itself. My goal is to create - not to run endless print samples trying to get the perfect combination of printer, ink and paper.

If you want to get a free sample from Epson then go to the Epson website and request a sample kit for each printer that you are interested in. It looks like they only offer sample kits for their mid to high end printers. This makes sense because these are the printers that (a) artists and graphic artists are interested in and (b) cannot be found in local office stores. The sample kits include a photo printed on fine art paper (which is super nice) and a "Thank You" note printed on a wedding invite type of card stock.

So, spend some time on the Epson website exploring their vast product line and order a couple of printer sample kits for that tactile portion of your printer research.

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